Interior Arts Edgebanding

PVC Color Matches from Edge Supply

Edge Supply carries an extensive inventory of Interior Arts edge banding color matches for solid colors, woodgrains and patterns. If you need help matching your laminate, Interior Arts distributors may not have the time to help you find the best PVC color match for your project. Edge Supply specializes in getting your color match right. Let us help you find the right edge banding tape for your project today. Next-day shipping and drop-shipping are available. Prices and availability may vary. If you do not see a color listed, please call us.

Code Color
IA3012STK White Spruce Streak
IA2003CEM Toba Cement
IA1003 Slate Velvet(Brushed Finish)
IA3087WAV Playa Tropical Wave
IA1040 Natural White Needle
IA2070 Natural Brushed Aluminum
IA3025CRV Grey Oak Cross Curve(CRV)
IA1001HG Frosty White High Gloss
IA1001STK Frost White Streak
IA2008CEM Concrete Crush(CEM Finish)
IA3094MCR Black Oak Recon(MCR Finish)
IA3070WAV White Oak Wave