In furniture making, there is no limit in design and materials to be used. Aluminum is one of the materials that seems to be becoming a high trend in the last several years. In kitchens, restaurants and some decorative works, aluminum surface materials are used. If the surface is aluminum, the carpenter will need the same edge for the sides. Or alternatively, to add different look, only aluminum edge is used on white to create a contrast.

The important point is that the material has to be a real aluminum which is used in either on the surface or the edge.

To keep up with the trend, Tece added the aluminum edgebanding to its product line. We are now offering 'real' aluminum edgebanding. This edgebanding is produced by laminated 'real' aluminum foil to the extruded PVC.

PVC aluminum edgebanding is available in different colors and finishes.

The aluminum edgebanding application is a bit different than standard PVC or melamine processing. The edgebander (machine) must be adjusted for processing / trimming the aluminum material. As the edgebanding consist of real aluminum, the trimming knives must be special; otherwise, they would be become dull quickly and destroyed the edges. Please consult with a machine specialist for more details.

For further details or questions about PVC aluminum edgebanding, please get in touch with us.