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Walnut Wood Veneer – Flat Cut


Flat cut walnut wood veneer is sometimes referred to as American walnut or black walnut wood veneer. It has a fine to medium texture and finishes nicely with stain or natural clear coat to preserves the warmth and accentuate the color and beauty of the wood’s natural grain.

Standard A grade flat cut walnut wood veneer tends to be uniform in color and commonly allows for some defects such as occasional pin knots and very slight figure or flashing. It is usually book matched with the grain running along the 8’ dimension.

AKA: American Walnut, Black Walnut
Cut: Flat Cut or Plain Sliced
Color: Light grayish brown to chocolate brown
Characteristics: A fine to medium texture and uniform grain
Wood Type: A hardwood of medium density, very easy to work with and strong.

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