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Panel Carrier


The TC.3000 Panel carrier was made to facilitate the day-to-day tasks of the perfectional wood worker. Its durable structure and 4 wheels allows anyone to easily carry 2 full sheets of wood at once. It has adjustable height making it easy to work in conjunction with virtually any woodworking equipment you have such as panel saws and table saws. With a carrying capacity of up to 254 pounds, this will help you increase productivity, reduce injuries from carrying heavy loads, and only needs one person to operate it.

  • Minimum table height: 33” (845 mm)
  • Maximum table height: 37” (945 mm)
  • Equipment dimension: 43”x 49” x 28” (1,100 mm x 1,240 mm x 710 mm)
  • Maximum capacity: 254 Lbs
  • Maximum panel size: 108” x 1” x 72” (2,750 mm x 30 mm x 1,840 mm)
  • Weight: 70.5 Lbs

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