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Cabinet Edge Bander


The Cabinet Edgebander CBC can glue edge tape of some materials such as PVC, ABS, paper and wood that do not have glue. It has a manual cutter with scissors system, cutting the tapes, eliminating the pneumatic system. It also has digital temperature controller. The project CBC MAKSIWA was entirely designed to meet the requirements of economy and practicality in their daily production. On the control panel, you can adjust until 6 parameters the main axis feed rates. 2 Year Warranty.

  • Glue: Granulated Hot-Melt Low Temperature
  • Glue Temperature: 130º to 180º C
  • Workarea:39-3/8” x 15-35/64”
  • Motor: 1 Phase
  • Volts/Amps: 127 V - 10,2 A or 220 V - 5,5 A
  • Power: 1,300 W
  • Tape thickness: 0.3 - 2 mm
  • Max. tape width: 3”
  • Feeder speed: 0 to 26 ft/min
  • Weight: 198 Lbs

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