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Birdseye Maple Veneer – Heavy Figure


Birdseye Maple veneer is a figured grade of maple with distinctive small round markings that resemble the size and shape of birds’ eyes. Its coloration is very similar to regular maple. The figure in Birdseye maple is considered heavy when the light olive or cream grey markings are consistent and densely spaced throughout the sheet. Heavy figure Birdseye maple wood veneer is lustrous and rather striking in appearance. It will accept stains and finishes well which accentuate the figure. It is usually finished with a clear coat that preserves the warmth and beauty of the wood’s natural color.

Generally, heavy Birdseye maple veneer is considered a premium grade, although mineral streaks, vine marks, and slight flash figure are not uncommon. It is usually book matched with the grain running along the 8’ dimension. Heavy figure Birdseye maple veneer is normally flat cut or rotary cut and can very seldom be quarter cut. Maple is a hardwood that is dense, relatively easy to work with and strong. Birdseye maple has a smooth texture and tight but divergent grain.

AKA: Heavy Figured Birdseye Maple
Cut: Flat Cut, Rotary Cut, and rarely Quarter Cut
Color: Similar to regular maple but with light olive to cream gray markings
Characteristics: Smooth texture and tight but divergent grain
Wood Type: A hardwood that is dense, relatively easy to work with and strong

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